Can Diabetes be cured without Medicine

The answer is relative. In fact, there are many studies which prove that diabetes can be cured by natural herbs, oils, and good diet habit. The purpose of these is to maintain the normal blood sugar levels and control the symptoms of diabetes. But it does not mean that ones should neglect to get a consultation with a health expert.

Can Diabetes be cured without Medicine

Though there are proven studies which show the effective results of natural ingredients against the diabetes, ones need to proceed the action with their physician’s consultation. In the past time, natural ingredients were used by ancestors to deal with diabetes. So to answer many people’s question about the diabetes cure, it will depend on the speed of cure, severity of the condition, as well as people’s expectation. To make it simpler, you won’t expect fast result if focusing only on natural treatments. It is a fact that medicine comes in handy to speed the treatment process up.

Some diabetes patients are pretty convenient with their current medications but some of them prefer the most natural way to treat the diabetes. Using only natural plants to treat diabetes, it is called as naturopathy. Here folks will take natural ingredients as replacement of their medication. If you are interested in natural treatment, then you will need to be ready to take bitter melon, garlic, onion, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, cinnamon, and many more.

As we know, there are 2 main types of diabetes: diabetes 1 and diabetes 2. In diabetes 1, the pancreas of the sufferers is affected, so that they can’t produce insulin. That’s why folks with diabetes 1 require insulin injection to deal with the problem. In the other side, people with diabetes 2 have functional pancreas, but the defective one. That means their pancreas can’t work well in producing insulin. Although insulin injection is not the prime option, both diabetes 1 and diabetes 2 patients can alter their condition with similar treatments of naturopathy. The healthy medical method focuses on the development of natural systems in the body.

The key of natural diabetes treatment lies on healthy lifestyle as well as balanced diet. The diet treatment must be conducted under your doctor’s supervision. Meanwhile, you  will need to check your blood sugar levels frequently to see how the things go.

Of course you will need to hold your appetite to certain food items like sweets, refined sugar, as well as syrups. It is also important to avoid the junk foods, high-calories foods, processed foods, cookies, chocolates, highly salted foods, canned and preserved foods. Also be aware of the amount of the spices you are going to use since few items trigger inflammation, which can make your diabetes more severe.

The other important thing to note is that you don’t have to worry about your vitamins and minerals sources. You can get plenty of them from veggies and fruits you eat on daily basis. Researchers who root for natural diabetes treatment suggest that you should eat at least one serving of veggies and fruits at every meal. Last but not least, don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Water offers tons of benefits for your body.

These are only few of you can do to deal with diabetes problem naturally. At least these answer the very basic question “Can diabetes be cured without medicine?”.

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